Land of the Elements


Need Hunted: Wallowers

It wasn’t easy… The damn things. They would come early, strike and slink away. Leave the wounded to cook in the sun. Then at night, they come back, to drag them away and devour them.
We confronted a small nest; a queen and a half dozen drones. They were praying on the villagers outside of town. Me, a Gruff and an Orchillian. The Gruff favored his axe. I don’t know what the Orchillian did, during the fight i was only paying attention to the wallowers.
The beasts, a strange breed between a praying mantis and a bear. the drones stood 6 feet tall and the queen even dwarfed the Gruff.
My magics kept me fast, kept me moving. The Gruff didn’t need to move, he would cleave them with ease as they neared his attack range. At the end, we carved a crude wagon from the queens hide and drug back to town the valuables or their unidentifiable victims and collapsed the cave onto the nest. Hopefully, that will be the end of that problem for a while.

We collected our pay and moved onto a personal matter for the Gruff. .. across the 3 days river.

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