Jules Gillian, The Sacred Smith


Body: 5
Mind: 4
Soul: 5

Health: 90
Energy: 45
Shock: 18

ACV: 6
DCV: 4

Family Gift:__________4
- For crafting

Combat Mastery:_______1
- +1 CV

Highly Skilled:_______5
- +50 Skill Pints

Damn Healthy!: _______4
- +40 Health

Kensei: ______________5
- Judge Opponent
- Lightning Draw
- Precise Strike (x3)

Magic (Runes):________2
(20 Magic Points)

  1. Healing Rune (Nature)
    1. Regeneration Lvl 2 (8 Magic)
  2. Shield of Will (Fire)
    1. Mind Shield Lvl 2 (2 Magic)
  3. Strengthen Steel (Earth)
    1. Weapon Attack (Lvl 1) (4 Magic)
      1. +15 Damage
      2. Linked (Attack)
      3. Extra Energy (8 Energy)

(6 unspent Magics)

Skeletons in the Closet (Pirate) 2pts

Artisan (Metalworking):_________(B+S)/2_________4
Business Management(Small.)_____M_______________2
Law (Customs)___________________M_______________2
Cooking (Travel)________________M or S__________2
Military Science (Wpn Appraise)_M_______________2

Melee Attack (Sword)____________ACV_____________3
Melee Defense (Parry)___________DCV_____________3
Unarmed Defense (Dodge)_________DCV_____________2


Jules Gallian grew up in a small village in the Grey Winter. His father a noted smith and his mother a teacher. He never worried about the plights of the land around him and considered the harshness of the environment to be a part of living. When he turned 16 he decided to set out into the world and build a name for himself. Having learned a great deal of his father’s craft, as well as how to use the family “gift”, he felt he was ready to strike out on his own. With some money saved up he booked passage on a small trader ship headed to Prylea.
The journey itself proved to be more problematic then he has wanted. Having bought passage on a trade ship, turned out to be a vessel of privateers. He spend several years with them, trading his skills as a craftsmen in the form of a shipwright and in weapons maintenance. At the age of 20, seasoned by tough travels and brutal combats, most of which he tried to stay out of, He finally arrived in Prylea.
There he took his portion of his “winnings” and began buying time at a local smith to do some of his own business. Jules is a secretive person, but friendly in nature.

Jules Gillian, The Sacred Smith

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