Kelvan Seannas

Young Water-Aspected Priest


Wandering priest
Water element
Body: 3
Mind: 7
Soul: 10

Cooking 1 (seafood)
Ugway Cultural Arts 1 (religion)
Law 1 (customs)
Medical 1 (diagnosis)
Wilderness Survival 1 (aquatic)
Melee Defense 2 (polearm)
Thrown Weapons 2 (spells)

Sophie, minor water spirit
B:1 M:2 S:
Animal Friendship 2
Insubstantial 1 (liquid form)
Water Speed 1 (underwater as well as on top)
Marked +2 (tiny water spirit)
Not So Fast +2
Phobia +2 (claustrophobia)
Diminuitive +1

Appearance 1
Art of Distraction 4
Highly Skilled 1
Energy Bonus 1
Flunky 1
Personal Gear 1
Dynamic Sorcery 3 (discipline, water)
Exorcism 1
Healing 1
Regeneration 1 (cannot regen earth damage)
Transmutation 1

Attack Restriction +1 (only in life or death. Mostly pacifistic)
Owned by a Megacorp +1 (the Church has “partial ownership”, and occasionally instructs him)
Magical Restriction +1 (Water magic)
Vulnerability +2 (Earth magic)


Kelvan was born in Prylea to a pair of socialite nobles of a diluted but still prominent family line. From a very early age, it was obvious that the boy had an affinity for Water. His parents, while loving and protective, also saw this as a chance to earn their family some fame. They contacted their local church to see about having the boy trained, and he was moved to live under the care of Bishop Regnantes. He was taught the ways of medicine, and taught to use his water magic to change the world around him through transmogrifumication and rejuvenation. When he turned 16 he grew tired of his parents’ impatient attitude, always seeking money and fame, trying to make him perform his “miracles” for profit. Kelvan officially renounced their surname, and was willingly transferred to work with the Ugway and further his water training more. He lived with them for 4 years, and upon becoming a full Priest, was granted the surname of his adoptive Ugway family, “Seannas”.

Kelvan Seannas

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