Lasairian, the Spectral Blaze



Combat Value 7/5
Health Points 75
Energy Points 110
Shock Value 15

N. Attributes
Appearance lvl. 2
Art of Distraction lvl. 4
Energy Bonus lvl. 4
Highly Skilled lvl. 3
Personal Gear(?) lvl. 1

S. Attribute
Dynamic Sorcery(Fire Spells) lvl. 5

Acrobatics (Tumbling) lvl. 3
Law (Human Criminal Law) lvl. 2
Linguistics (Felinite)
Performing Arts (Drama) lvl. 3
Sleight of Hand (Stage Magic) lvl. 4
Wilderness Survival(Forest) lvl. 1

Combat Skills
Thrown Weapons(Energy Blasts) lvl. 2
Melee Defense(Parry) lvl. 1
Ranged Defense(Personal) lvl. 2

Significant Other (Lindsey’s Character) -1
Vulnerability (Water Magic) -1

two points to spend


Lasarian’s Story

Lasarian didn’t grow up in a village, but in a caravan of performers. His father was an acrobat and contortionist while his mother was a singer and his extended family formed one of the few successful troupes of traveling performers in Grey Marrow. He came to his magic early, and his flair for dramatic blasts of fire made his apprenticeship to a stage magician a natural fit. It wasn’t long before his magic developed enough that his performances were a combination of true magic and sleight of hand that amazed his audiences.
In a small village in the south of Grey Marrow, he met the girl who would become the light of his life. He was playing a “Cup and Ball” game for the local boys, and he was winning the best marbles, jacks, and shiny things in the village. Of course, he was winning because he was using magic to cheat, but it’s hard not to chat when you are ten years old. Then this young girl walked up with a teal ribbon in her hair, and she bet she could find the ball. Over the next five minutes, she won all the toys back because Lasarian couldn’t use his magic anymore. After he had lost everything, she came forward and wrapped the ribbon around his wrist saying “To remind you the value of fair play” and then she disappeared.
Lasarian kept the ribbon close, and wore it when he was performing, and when he was training. Each summer, he wore the ribbon in that same village and he kept meeting her year after year. He learned that they both had been blessed with great magic, and he learned about the old gods from her. Only a few years before his coming of age ceremony, Lasarian asked Caoilfhionn to run away with him, to cross the continent and head for Prylea. He asked her, “Why do we have to wait to start our lives? Come with me now, let’s start today! I want to wander the world with you by my side until we find our new home.” She hesitated for just a moment, and then she stood up and replied “The path is laid before us, now we must follow it.”
It took nearly seven years to reach Prylea because they didn’t take the straightest route they could find, and they learned much about themselves and each other during those years. Caoilfhionn became widely known as a Master Healer, and it was his greatest joy to walk beside her. Lasarian himself soon earned the title “Spectral Blaze” after burning the curse from a noble’s mansion, but leaving the actual mansion unharmed. He wore the name with pride, and soon began trying to adopt that name into his stage performances. Last week, Caoilfhionn told him that a new path had appeared to her in a vision, a path of sacrifice, strife, and honor for the Gods. Lasarian wanted to say no, but his faith in her and in Prudianna, the Mother of all Gruffs prevented him. A bold adventure awaited and he could only pray that it wouldn’t cost more than he could bear.

Lasairian, the Spectral Blaze

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