Ram Dos

Warrior Poet, Poet Warrior (image is not exactly accurate but Hey you draw for me if it bugs you.)


Body 6
Mind 6
Soul 7
health points 75
energy points 65
Shock points 15
combat value 8/6
Highly Skilled 2
Kensei 4 (lightning draw, Katanaspace, chambra master, precise stroke)
heightened awareness 1
divine relationship 1
Combat mastery 2
damn healthy 1
extra attacks 1
super strength 2
speed 2
natural weapons 1 (horns)
weapon attack + 30 Quake, melee

attack restriction 2 (self defense, defense of innocents)
awkward size level 1
girl magnet 2


Melee attack 1
melee defense 1
unarmed attack 2
unarmed defense 2
acrobatics 2
writing 3
visual arts 1
swimming 1

Ram Dos grew up on the southeast coast of the Grey Marrows with a keen appreciation for the beauty pf the world and sensed a great connection underlying everything. He became a monk as part of exploring that connection. He discovered that the world is even stranger than he first thought. His main methods of exploring are good deeds his poetic caligraphy and his martial arts techniques. which he uses only in pursuit of justice. he now wanders the world looking for inspiration artistically and morally. He is dedicated to Truth, Justice and really Wild things.

He wields a large sword that has come to be known, much to his chagrin, as the RPS (Ridiculously Phallic Sword.) in truth it’s only just phallic enough to cause this reaction in those whose minds are already in the gutter
he has a fondness for using his sword with his prodigious strength, Katana space, lightning draw and precise shot to surreptitiously carve calligraphic poetry into stone walls.

his journeys have recently taken him to Prylea where he pursues justice and truth through poetry and if needed(and only if needed) kicking ass

He is a recent recruit to The Merry Marauders and is currently on his first assignment

Ram Dos

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