At the dawn of the world (the 1st age, the Age before Metal) the peoples of Solestra were happy. They had animals to hunt, plants to harvest and a world in which to live. The races might not have gotten along but the world was relatively good. Years passed and Carrath, Keeper of Darkness, as he was called then was envious of the other gods that had their races but he had to call his own. He grew bitter, angry and resentful of all the other gods. He devised a plan to get what he wanted and get his revenge on the rest of the world.

Carrath began to capture and experiment on Solestrans. He began to taint them, perverting them into creatures of hatred and evil. Fusing foreign aspects onto them and making them Stronger, more powerful. The Daemons. These creatures can spread their taint to others. The taint takes a long time to manifest but in time the creature tainted will begin to recoil from society and it is in the wild that their taint can grow faster. This is how Carrath grew in power.

When the elemental gods forged the new element of Metal it gave them the weapon the people of Solestra needed to combat the Daemons. Coupled with humans, a new race immune to the taint, the peoples of Solestra fought back against Carrath and defeated him. Non but those few that were in the final battle know what happened to Carrath. No record exists. Even in the famed Library of Orchillia said to house a copy of every written word in Solestra is barren of such an account. Most say it is good that we do not know, but Some say if we had known, we could have stopped Zangrettor, the Great Corrupter sooner.

Although Carrath was defeated, And his country Lochiron was torn asunder, his spawn still roam. The Empire of man and the Hunters Guild have a bounty for any Daemons slain. For so long as even one remain on Solestra none of us are truly safe.

In the years before the taint the temples of Carrath were numerous. Solestrans would construct large underground Chambers for his worship. These places were turned into spawning pits for daemons.

In the thousands of years since the defeat of Carrath his temples were destroyed. Sometimes a new temple is found. A cult of Carrath made of followers who wish to bring this evil got back to power. They willingly taint themselves and others with the blood of Daemons. They are dangerous because they do not fear death or taint they are fanatical in their mad devotion.

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