Chameloid the Race of the Sun

The Chameloid people are a people of tradition, politics scheming and deceit. But they are also a people of dazzling displays, weather in architecture of the great palaces of the Kingdoms of Sun and Glass, the sand and glass art they create, or the beautiful dances they preform.

Laws are very important to Chameloid culture, very rare will you find a Chameloid willing to break a law. Bend them twist them maybe but not break. To be a lawbreaker is to be incompetent. It is the greatest of dishonors to be a criminal in Chameloid culture, as such they have no prisons. The most grievous of crimes are dealt with death the rest receive the criminal brand. Ii is magical branding n the face visible to all. No magics can hide it. Those with the brand have no rights and are put to work as slaves or try to escape to other countries, but few are the people who would harbor a branded.

those not of royal blood often take jobs as traders or legal council and negotiators, using their superior charisma and intellect to make their way. Other use their art of deception and illusions and make their living in [[The Guild of Necessary Deeds].

Arranged marriage and planed pregnancies are the norm for Chameloid culture. Love is an unlikely and dangerous thing among the Chameloids.

The Death ritual of Chameloids is complicated. The body is drained of all fluid, then dried by the sun and filled with sand. Only then are they placed in their family’s underground tombs perfectly preserved and undisturbed by the shifting sands.

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Chameloid the Race of the Sun

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