In Solestra there are not elementals as such. The gods are the only true elementals. but In the First War, the gods alongside the peoples of Solestra fought against Carrath and his daemons but were not strong enough. Yentumal, wise as he was, came up with a plan; to take a piece of each element and infuse it wholly with a living creature. In so doing this the first dragons were born. Half living, half pure element they turned the tide of battle.

Ever since their creation they have existed in many ways like the races of Solestra. Although there numbers are few they do not age. Like all living things they have free will. Their are good dragons and there are bad. Bound to their element for tightly than any of the races of Solestra their personalities are controlled strongly by their element. As with most ageless beings they tend to stay in seclusion. And so they have developed a reputation for mischief and destruction as most dragons that reveal themselves seek to cause trouble or harm.

Being living creatures bound so close to the elements some hunt them for the unique magic that exists within them.

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