Grey Winter

The Grey Winter is a land of perpetual cold. Although claimed as a territory of the Empire of Man, nearly all Major Governments have some settlements here. The reason for this is the most precious metals, rarest animals and many ancient ruins make their home in this frozen wasteland.

The Empire of Man controls the largest portion of Grey Winter (almost 45%) including several mines of precious stones and silver. The Largest human city is Gateway located in the Grey Valley. The only way to enter Grey winter by land. The Grey Winter mountains are impassible. All of the races even the great tunnel builders the Gruffs have not been able to make a passage through the mountains. And those that try to scale the mountains either turn back or are never heard from again. The stories that are told range from angry Dragons to Daemons and Undead.

While gateway is an impressive city and the humans control the most landmass it is the Chameloids that control the real wealth of Grey winter. Their Ice Palace is one of the largest structures in all of Solestra save maybe the great bridge cities or the Imperial Palace itself. But what makes the Ice Palace more impressive than those others is that the Ice Palace has stood for the almost 18,000 years of recorded history. It predates the mighty Prylea and withstood the onslaught of the daemons of Carrath in the age before metal. it is from this palace that the Chameloids coordinate their holdings in Grey winter. The largest slave camps that the chameleons have are located here. Used for the enormous mines of gold, diamonds, adamantite and mithril.

The last Significant place of note is the Far Reach Outpost. A triple joint venture between The Traders Guild, The Alchemists Guild, and [[The Hunter’s Society]] it serves as the only true way station between Gateway and The Ice Palace. Here, travelers exploring the vast reaches of Grey Winter can stop, rest, and stock up on supplies. They can also hire guides from The Hunter’s Society that do not ask for money. The trill of encountering the deadly and strange creatures of Grey Winter is enough for them.

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Grey Winter

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