Important History

In my wiki I mention several important events throughout it. here is where you will find detailed information on these events in chronological order. All dates are off of the Orchillian calender and use a system that accounts for the shear length of time that passes. Every 3000 years is an age and they name the age after the most significant event that took place during it.

The Age before Metal
Significant eventThe Great Creation: The creation of the new element. the 4 Gods of Metal and the birth of the human race. this ended the 1st age. no one knows how long it lasted for history was not recorded as we know it. Legend say there are trees in the Brightbarrow forest that know what happened but no one knows for sure.

The Age of Enlightenment
Significant event: Year 0001 – The Last Stand: The last battle of the war against Carrath, Father of Despair and his daemons. The fist time all races stood as one. The founding of Prylea. The beginning of Recorded history

The Age of Expansion
Significant Event Year 1573 – Landfall: The Humans Continue to expand the great city of Prylea and begin to send scouts out to sea, land and air. These ships will soon be the first colonies in Valhurst and Grey Winter. While the humans expand the fighting houses of the Chameloid nobles split and The Kingdoms of Sun and Glass are founded.

The Age of War
Significant event Year 0099 – Imperial Aggression: The humans begin a period of war against the other races of Solestra. They took a possession of a section of the Spellshores. They attempt to take control of The Marrow and Fallmoore and are unsuccessful. When at last they attempt to make landfall on Brightbarrow the Orchillians make a definitive strike completely eliminating the human force sent to take their land. They then launch an attack at on Prylea itself leading to and end to all hostilities and the establishment of The Council of Solestra

The Age of Corruption
Significant Event Year 2014 – The Grey Torment: The corruption of Zangretor and the rise of her undead army, resulting in the tormented region of Marrow and the war of Corruption.

The current age is in year 2965 There has been no defining event. Right now most are calling it “The Godless Age” For the gods have been silent. they have not been sees since the end of the War of Corruption over 3,000 years ago. it has been a time of strain and a time of tension. Some say that this age will not end well. Than it is building up to an event of apocalyptic proportions. Some fear what might happen. Legends still talk of the devastation of the War of corruption. Could Solestra face this threat without it’s gods?

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Important History

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