Here is a listing of the organizations that control and populate Solestra. For more information on the countries mentioned here refer to the countries section.

These are the organizations that govern over the many countries of Solestra.

The Hierarchy of Flame The Felinite government in The Spellshores

The Republic of Ironwick and Marrow

The Empire of Man The Human empire which rules over Prylea, Valhurst, Aldef, Grey Winter and A section of the Spellshores.

The Kingdoms of Sun and Glass The 5 Chameloid kingdoms of the Glasslands.

The Council of Elders The Ugway rulers who govern over Fallmoore and The other Surface Ugway.

The Kingdoms of the Sea The Ugway Monarchys that governs over the various realms of the ocean floors.

The Keepers The Orchillian government.

Other Prominent Organizations
These are the organizations that exist in multiple countries.
The Traders Guild
The Alchemists Guild
The Guild of Necessary Deeds
The Grey Guard
The Merry Marauders
The Hunter’s Guild

These are just the most prominent organizations throughout Solestra there is always room for more feel free to create some your self and submit the idea to me.

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