Palzyne, The Sun Lord

The first of the gods Palzyne was the first light. Created by The Four he lit up the perpetual darkness of the time before Solestra. Long he remained. Alone and content.

it was his light that birthed the stars and Brelynn. For the Four had created an object For Palzyne to shine upon. So great was Palzyne’s light that it cased this object to grow a life inside it. the shattered remains of that object became the stars and Brelynn birth forth from it like a bird out of an egg.

As the other gods came, and solestra was created, Palzyne grew angry. He was no longer the center of power that he was. Although still more powerful than all the other gods he was not content. he wanted more. Were it not for Zangretor who knows what he would have done. But Zangretor came to Palzyne, “I come to tell you that myself and Yentumal are going to create something new. We are going to create life on this new planet. This life will grow and move and live in ways we cannot. They will die. And I have made it so they will need your light to survive. They will all need your light. But if they disrespect you and try to test your mighty light and heat they will die.”

Palzyne accepted these terms. And when the time came he alone created the Chameloid people. For he would not share his race. They were his to rule. he gave them a land which would be bathed in as much of his light that was allowed.

Palzyne like Brelynn cannot walk Solestra. They are too powerful. But with that same power they can do what the others cannot. make avatars to roam the world. Solestrans imbued with power unimaginable to those that have not experienced it. These avatars speak with a direct conduit to the god much like the other gods do when they walk upon Solestra. After the Corruption War Brelynn and Palzyne were forbidden to use their avatars overtly anymore. Much like the other gods were forbidden to assume their true forms on Solestra.

Temples to Palzyne exist in most every part of Solestra. While the largest concentration of them exist in the Glasslands, every race gives tribute to the 1st god. The god that gives light to all of Solestra. Palzyne temples are constructed of mostly glass and other translucent materials on high peaks or plateaus so that one can sit in the temple any time during the day and see the sun.

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