Prylea, The Great City Country

Prylea, The Great City Country is an enormous sprawling city. The home of the Empire of Man, the city has been growing for over 12,000 years. Prylea is the largest exporter of art, arms, armor and other crafted objects. Although the population is mostly human Prylea is the center of commerce for Solestra.

Like any city it is broken up in to the different districts.

The Imperial District: This quarter holds the imperial senate building, the imperial palace, and the barracks of the Homeguard Legion, the legion who safeguards the lives of the senate and the Imperial family.

The Trade District: This quarter is home to the Prylean chapter of the Traders guild. It acts as a kind of customs center for import and export of goods in Prylea. To those who seek it, the Trade District also severs as a hub for information to those clever enough to ask the right questions.

The Naval District: This is home to the great many fishermen that help supplement the food of the great city of Prylea. It is also where the great navy of Prylea resides.

The Crafts District: Those who make their living in Prylea making objects (whether they are of art or practical) make their home here. One can find all manner of things here or, should they not find what they seek, they can find someone who could make it. This is the largest district in Prylea.

The Lake District: This quarter is responsible for the maintaining of the freshwater resources of the country of Prylea. They supply the drinking water and maintain the sewers.

The Garden District: Although The Empire has a extensive Trade agreement with the Gruff Republic the county must still supply a great deal of food to its own people. But it is still an urban environment and as such home to some of the strangest farming techniques known on Solestra. Hanging gardens, rooftop livestock ranges and other techniques are used to supply the vast population of Prylea with food.

The Travel District: The smallest but the most busy district of Prylea this is the hub by which quick travel through Prylea is possible. There are many teleportation circles leading to many important places in Prylea.

The Foreign District: This is where the many embassies of the different governments reside.

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Prylea, The Great City Country

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