Listed below are the races of Solestra

All of the maximum life spans do not take into account those with the water element whose life spans tend to be up to double that of the normal

Chameloid the Race of the Sun: Chamiloids are a bipedal lizard race similar in may ways to a chameleon. They have 360 degree perception, a natural camouflage, and prehensile feet and tail. They favored element is sun based Air. The Live primarily in The Glasslands. Average maximum Life Span: 150 years.

Icarian the Race of the Moon: Icarians are a race of anthropomorphic birds. They favored element is Moon based Air. Like birds there are some that fly, some that run very fast and some that are incredible swimmers. They are a nomadic people with no central government and some tribes are even raiders or pirates. The hunters guild Is primarily Icarians as well since 70% of all icarians are guild members and because of this the hunter’s guild serves as a pseudo government for the icarians. Their light build, movement abilities, and naturally enhanced endurance make them the most deadly hunters. Average maximum life span 40 years. Icarians mature significantly faster than any other race, even Felinites, often coming of age after only 6-8 years.

Gruff the Race of Earth: Guffs posses the most impressive build of all the races (except for perhaps the most stout Ugway) and are a bipedal race of sheep. They are herbivores, their favor element is Earth and they live primarily in Ironwick, The Dividing Range and Grey Marrow, The Tormented Region. Average maximum life span: 300 years.

Ugway The Race of Water: Ugway (the name is both singular and plural) are a Bipedal turtle/tortoise race that has many different looks to them. They all share a hard shell around their torso and leathery scaled skin. They live primarily in or near large bodies of water, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. Average maximum live span 500 years. Their Favored element is Water.

Felinite the race of Fire: Felinites are a race of bipedal felines and are immune to fire and posses a gift for alchemy and invention. They live primarily in the volcanic areas of the Spell Shores and their favored element is Fire. Average maximum life span: 80 years. (This is a rough estimate considering the felinite tendency toward reckless behavior and dangerous activities.)

Orchillian The Tree Race: Orchillians are the longest lived race in Solestra. They are energized by the sun like their other plant brethren. They favor nature and live primarily in the mysterious land of Brightbarrow. Average maximum life span: 1000 years. (this is only the age for their “exploration” stage of their life, they do not start in this phase and also live far beyond this stage)

Humans The Race of Metal: Being the most adaptable of the races humans are good for many different situations. They live in many areas but they are the builders of the Prylea, The Great City Country. They favored element is Metal. Average maximum life span: 100 years.

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