Shaendithas was born from the father tree. Some find this to be a strange fact to comprehend and so it is often times overlooked. When the father tree helped birth all life that fills Solestra (not only the many animals of Solestra but the mortal races as well) he saw that for Solestra to truly endure, life could not be without end. “As The Four say there must be a balance.” he is rumored to have said. With something as powerful as life there has to be something equally as powerful. And so after much consulting with the other gods of the time, he created Shaendithas and with him death.

Some of the gods saw this as an evil act. How could the father of life decide that all things must end? There must be a balance. Life is power. And death is its balance.

The Keeper of souls is simply that. He keeps the souls of the dead. Many speculate as to what those souls experience but all those who have been brought back have never been able to describe it. All they say is that they were at peace.

Idols of Shaendithas appear as a short, slender gruff. Of all of the gods he is the most respected and the least feared. The saying goes, “He only comes when it is your time. He has no need of you before.” Temples of Shaendithas are the most numerous of all of the gods. Often serving as funeral homes and crypts. Priests of Shaendithas gifted in earth tend to become necromancers. Learning to commune with the dead to help those grieving to move on or to assist authorities with criminal investigations.

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