The 4 Oceans of Solestra

The 4 Oceans of Solestra are strange nations but a nations nonetheless. While the surface dwellers have control over what they consider the ocean, the floors of the ocean are home to The Kingdoms of the Sea. It is known that there are 3 Kingdoms of the Sea. One for the Central, one for the northern and one for the Western.

The oceans are mostly regulated and controlled by The Council of Solestra Since the end of the Imperial Aggression the council makes sure no one nation has supreme control over the water to prevent such an event from occurring again.

The only organization that has a truly significant naval presence is that of The Traders Guild. Not only are ships the main method of transport for supplies (airships being expensive to produce and used by only the richest merchants or royalty) but there is a enormous industry for transporting people. Travelers from all corners of Solestra rely on merchant ships to travel to some of the more exotic places. Brightborrow, Fallmore/Vallhurst, The Spellshores, all would be impossible to reach for the peoples of the mainland if not for ships.

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The 4 Oceans of Solestra

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