The Alchemists Guild

The Alchemists Guild is somewhat of a misnomer. Although founded by alchemists in the Spellshores it has grown to encompass not only alchemists but inventors as well. Banding together in the spirit of shared knowledge and interest the alchemist guild will send scouts to the many schools of Solestra in hopes of finding new recruits.

The guild has many benefits to those that join its ranks:
Free patent protection
Access to the guild library
Lab Space and Equipment
Discounted materials for experimentation
They are a fully licensed distributor for the Traders Guild and ass such will market and sell products for inventors. For a fee.

The guild has fewer rules that the other 2 guilds that exist in Solestra:

Stealing an idea from another is tantamount to stealing from the guild itself.
You are not allowed to steal ideas from any other individual. (This is not restricted to stealing only from guild members.)

Progress in the name of war is not progress.
Weapons of mass destruction or weapons created with no functional purpose that to commit war is strictly forbidden.

When One Succeeds All Succeed
If you work as a team all team members get full partnership so long as they contributed meaningfully to the project.

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The Alchemists Guild

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