The Elements

The Elemental Rule

From nothing Air was created and so it frees those who wield it. Bending light, lifting them and allowing them perceive that which they could not. Above all other does Air stand.

From the blood of the gods was earth created, and so it protects and strengthens those who wield it. Earth holds Water in place but by Life is Earth moved.

From the thought of the gods did Water flow, and so it allows those who wield it to affect the minds of others and change the world as water itself can be changed. Water extinguishes the deadly Fire but by Earth is water held in place.

From the emotion of the gods was Fire created. It grants power over heat, light and the other energies of the world to those brave enough to wield it. Fire burns all of Life but by water is it extinguished.

From the hearts of the gods was Life created. It binds all living things are bound as one giving those who can use Nature power over life itself. Nature can move earth but is burned by Fire. Life is the force that can move Earth but by Fire can all of it be burned.

And a Time came that these elements were not enough. Carrath unleashed his foul tainted minions upon Solestra. These creatures also used the elements and though some could be dealt with the dreaded demons had no weakness. The gods came together. A new element was needed. One that was had the strength of the other elements. From Earth was Metal born. With Fire and Air was Metal heated. With water was Metal made strong. And with Life, Metal would be wielded.

The Elements

In Solestra everyone is bound to one Element. This element defines many things about a person. In addition to the following attributes all Elements have control over their various Elements. Although this control is limited to a range of touch.

Air: The First Element. Created by the Sun and Moon.
Attributes: Speed, Perception, Light Control, and Illusions
Solestrans of air are rare come in 2 types, the Sun born and the Moon born. Those of the sun are more adept of illusion magic and are clever, crafty and value power. Those of the moon are more attuned with perception and are flighty, aloof and free spirited.

Earth: The Element of the Strength. Created by the Earth and Death.
Attributes: Protection, Strength, Speaking to the dead, and controlling the spirits of the dead.
Solestrans of Earth are the most common. They are stubborn but hard working and durable people. They value family and are protective of those they care for.

Water: The Element of the Change. Created by Fate and Storms.
Attributes: Transmogrification of inanimate matter, Healing and Mental powers.
Solestrans of Water are rare. There are 3 types of water element but all quickly adapt to change. Steam Water are the mentalists, curious and love travel and minds that are broad. Liquid water are healers, compassionate and refreshing. Ice water are the transmutes, they can be distant and cold, but they a strong willed and determined.

Addendum: Water is also the element of time. None but the oldest and most connected to Water can glimpse into the river of time.

Fire: The Element of Passion
Attributes: Control Over Energy.
Solestrans of fire are common. People gifted with fire are a passionate people quick to anger but with great happiness and love, The are also very creative and intelligent.

Nature: The Element of Body
Attributes: Bio molecular control over living things.
Solestrans of nature are rarest. People gifted with Nature are empathetic with people and animals, even to a fault, they are good moderators often looking from all sides of a situation.

Metal: The Forged Element
Attributes: Enhanced skills and ability to craft magical items.
Solestrans of metal are common. People of metal are truly diverse in how they act but all are gifted with the ability to create. This could be anything, art, buildings, weapons etc.

The Elements
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The Elements

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