The Empire of Man

The Empire of man has existed since the dawn of the enlightened age at the defeat of Carrath Almost 35,000 years ago. After his defeat, the many tribes of man, under the tutelage of Ravaatis they founded the city of Prylea on the ground of The Last Stand. Over the many millenia that have passed there has been many lines of emperors that have sat on the great Gold Throne, and thee have been many sieges that have tried to bring its many walls down, but always the Empire, and Prylea, endures.

Some Say that Ravaatis still lives in the city and give aid to the mighty human empire, having always favored humans above the other races.

When Prylea could no longer expand, having the great 3 Days River and the Glasslands to the west and Ironwick to the south the humans began to increase their exploration of the seas and soon began to colonize Grey Winter and Valhurst.

When there was no place left that they could colinize the humans begin a period of war against the other races of Solestra. They take a possession of a section of the Spellshores. attempt to take control of The Marrow and Fallmoore and are unsuccessful. When at last they attempt to make landfall on Brightbarrow the Orchillians make a definitive strike completely eliminating the human force sent to take their land. They then launch an attack at on Prylea itself leading to and end to all hostilities and the establishment of The Council of Solestra.

Even now most other races save for the Gruffs and the Felinites have a distrust of humans. they fear that the council will not be enough to hold them at bay if they decide their empire is too small.

Unlike most other governments one can obtain citizenship in The Empire without having been born in the empire or being human.

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The Empire of Man

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