The Kingdoms of Sun and Glass

The 5 Kingdoms of Sand and Glass are as dangerous and beautiful as the land in which they rule. As most things are in Chameloid culture the history of the kingdoms is filled with half truths and innuendo. The 5 Kingdoms rest on the 5 largest oases in the Glasslands and therefore control nearly all of the resources of the region. Each of the kingdoms is ruled by the bloodlines of the 5 chosen by Palzyne, The Sun Lord to rule over his people.

The 5 Kingdoms are made entirely of glass and protected from dust storms by some of the mightiest air masters in Solestra.

All those who enter each of the Kingdoms is given a copy of the laws of the kingdoms. 1 and only 1 copy ever will they be given. Those who enter the kingdoms know that to loose this book would mean enslavement or death and as such hold to them dearly for the palace guards are always watching.

The 5 Kingdoms and what they control are as follows:

The Sapphire City
Boats, fishing and Whaling.

The Emerald Palace
Rare and exotic spices, plants and creatures.

The Obsidian Fortress
Soldiers and slaves.

The Dominion of Diamonds
Rare gems and metals. Current ruling kingdom of the Ice Palace.

The Kingdom of Amber
Scholars, lorekeepers, artisans, and craftsmen.

The Elements
Important History

The Kingdoms of Sun and Glass

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