The Merry Marauders

To put it simply the Merry Marauders are a group that actively deals out Random acts of kindness. They operate solely on the principle of helping out villages that are being attacked by raiders, swarmed with undead or ravaged by deamons. The will come in to a area in need, sometimes when called sometimes just when they are needed. Preferring smaller villages they rarely operate in larger cities except when there is a great need.

Nearly all of the merry marauders are artists of one sort or another and gain their income from selling their art to buy supplies for their Random acts of kindness.

They operate similarly to terrorists in that there is a hierarchy to the organization but most operatives can operate independently of the group if needed.

how the group was formed is a matter of much controversy and stories range from a lone individual who had others rally to his cause, to a group of adventurers that had seen too much death in the world and wanted to make a difference.

The Elements
Important History

The Merry Marauders

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