The Story of the Gods

Sometimes in spoken word sometimes sung here is the story of the gods.

The Four created Palzyne first and his light shone bright.

Then came the birth of the heavens and Brelynn mother of the night.

The 2 spoke and the Four listened, Solestra would be made

Prudiana Mother of earth with her the foundation was laid.

Stothyra the sea lord was strong and resolute, passion made him blind.

Seakas keeper of fate, peaceful and wise, brings calm to the sea lord mind.

Loratanna and Lorathana, the twins born of fire,

One seeks destruction the other is filled with a learning desire.

The father tree Yentumal, gave life away,

The purpose of Shaendithas makes you value every day

Zangretor gives us the freedom to choose

Frulannan hopes her enlightenment you will never lose.

Carrath born in darkness threatened to destroy all life

All others came together, and created metal to end the strife.

Kevhand, The Crafter, wise and strong

Yentan, The Muse, fills the world with song

Ravaatis the father of cities keeps at bay the wild,

It is through Krisora that the hearts of mortals are riled.

Sing this song, and if they will hear your call

They will make you strong and you will not fall.

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The Story of the Gods

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