Gruff the Race of Earth

Gruffs are some of the best farmers in Solestra if for for no other reason than they are herbivores. Over the centuries they have mastered the craft of growing plants and fungus to a degree other races couldn’t even begin to fathom.

The Gruffs Have the largest cohesive government in Solestra. a republic whic governs over both Ironwick and Grey Marrow. The Senate has a representative from every city that contributes to the republic. Not every city contributes, only if a city is wealthy enough to support its people with a surplus does it get representation. The officials are voted in every 6 years with no limit on how long they can remain in office.

The culture of the gruffs is one of fierce loyalty to ones community. Family is important but the community is just one large family to a gruff. Most gruff could tell you the name of everyone that lives withing 5 miles of them.

THe gruff were hit hardest by the rise of the Great Corrupter when he blighted a fifth of Grey Marrow. As such all gruff have an intolerable hatred for necromancy and undead.

Gruffs do not die in a traditional sense. They were givin a great gift by their father the God of Death and as such when they begin to reach their 300th year of life they do not become infirm and lose muscle like other races. They in fact begin to turn to stone and when they finally do pass on their this process greatly acceleration giving the family approximately 24 hrs to pose the body in the heroic state and garb them their death armor. It is said that on the darkest of days the god of death will release these fallen gruff so that they might save the world from the unspeakable end which will one day come.

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Gruff the Race of Earth

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