There are two major religions in Solestra. The Gods of Balance and the Ever Slumbering god of the darkones.

The Gods of Balance

The Four

The Four are not just gods. They are the everlasting gods, the gods that ever were and will ever be. They shaped the world from nothing and created the Elemental Gods (except the Gods of Metal). They put forth the mandate of the gods: There must always be balance. Many gods and men have tried to stray from this mandate but always will it be set right.

Order: The one who makes laws and provides structure.

Good: The one who brings happiness and breeds contentment.

Chaos: The one who makes change and gifts freedom.

Evil: The one who causes suffering and takes hope.

The Elemental Gods

The Story of the Gods

Palzyne, The Sun Lord
God of illusions, light, Deserts, droughts, and Chameloids.

Brelynn, Mother of the Night
The Moon Goddess of the sky, the night and Icarians. Mother of weather.

Carrath, Father of Despair
The Deity of unnecessary pain, suffering, darkness and slaughter.

Frulannan, Bringer of Enlightenment
The Deity of enlightenment and fresh air.


Prudiana, The Protector
The Deity of protection, mountains, minerals and Progenitor of the Gruffs.

Shaendithas, Keeper of Souls
Deity of death and Progenitor of the gruffs.


Seakas, The Fatespeaker
Deity of, fate, lakes, springs, ice and Progenitor of the Ugway.

Stothyra, Lord of the Sea
Deity of the sea, rivers and Progenitor of weather and the Ugway.


The Twin Gods

Loratanna, The Learner
Deity of discovery, knowledge, alchemy, cooking, fire as a light and warmth, and Progenitor of the Felinites.

Lorathana, The Destroyer
Deity of mischief, lightning, volcanoes, fire as a destructive force, Progenitor of the Felinites.


Zangretor, The Corrupted
Deity of free will, undead, poisons, Progenitor of Orchillians.

Yentumal, The Life Giver
Deity of plants, forests, the hunt, life and Progenitor of Orchillians.


Kevhand, The Crafter
Deity of crafting and art.

Ravaatis, Progenitor of Civilization
Deity of governments and cities.

Yentan, The Muse
Deity of inspiration and invention.

Krisora, The Conqueror
Deity of tyranny, conquer and vengeance.

The Elements
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