The Guild of Necessary Deeds

The Guild of criminals. No one is quite sure when the Guild was established. the laws that were put into place to make it possible were carefully, completely flawless. For years the governments of Solestra (save The Kingdoms of Sun and Glass) have tied to remove them but yet they remain.

The guild has high requirements of its initiates. Most are sought due to some talent in the illegal arts but sometimes a initiate comes into a guild house to join. They are given a set of trials determined by the Guildmaster. If they survive, they are allowed to join.

The guild has a set of principles upon which it was founded. To break any one is to be excommunicated and incur the wrath of the Guild. To be hunted until down you have breathed your last.

The Guild does not exist
The guild keeps an exceptionally low profile. You do not share any information about any person, place or thing related to or connected with the guild with any non guild member.

The Guild is your family and we protect our family
No guild member my harm another guild member intentionally. Or through inaction cause a guild member to come to harm.

If you are caught you are still family
To bring attention to the guild is to bring destruction to the guild. If you are caught the guild will disavow any knowledge of your contract. but you will receive the best legal defense the guild can offer. If you serve time in prison you will be looked after by the guilds contacts and may even be called upon to serve the guild in your new capacity. So long as you still hold true with the other principles.

Revenge is not our business
The guild’s resources are not to be used for personal reasons. No guild member may carry out a contract to which they are personally connected

Those that break our principles are a threat to the family
If you encounter anyone who has broken a principle of the guild you must either eliminate them yourself or report any information you have to the nearest chapter house. You will be rewarded accordingly.

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The Guild of Necessary Deeds

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