The Hierarchy of Flame

The Meritocratic government of the Felinites is the most industrialized society in Solestra. Their mastery over flame and other energies have given them an advantage in the development of different technologies that other races can’t dream of.

In this society you are as important as your skills make you. The better you are at something the more status and responsibility you have. Their Capital city is The Twin City, located in the Mountain of the Twins, Said to be their birthplace of the twin gods of fire. The Felinites use their control of energy to power their cities. No enemy has ever successfully taken the Twin city, for if it comes under attack The Volcano Lords simply unleash the fury of the mountain upon their foes. that coupled with the intense heat that makes the city uninhabitable by non felinites.

The Hierarchy of flame is run by those felinites whose aptitudes show them to be able to persuade other felinites. This is not an easy task due to the solitary nature of felinites. These felinites are called the Administrators.

Master administrators.
District Administrators
City Administrators
Department Administrators.
Rank 1 masters
Rank 2 Masters
Rank 1 Journeyman
Rank 2 Journeyman
Rant 1 Apprentice
Rank 2 Apprentice
Path of discovery
Path of childhood

All Felinites whether or not they are part of the Hierarchy are given the ability to take the tests for the different levels. Even a felinite that has entered adulthood can take the Test of discovery and begin apprenticeship in the field they are sorted into. Once their apprenticeship is concluded a felinite is granted citizenship.

Non-felinites are never allowed citizenship in the hierarchy. Spouses of hierarchy citizens are given a marriage visa that gives them indefinite temporary status to live and work within the hierarchy.

While the felinites are the most technologically advanced race, their solitary nature and need to compete do not lend themselves to the best structure for organization. as such while the hierarchy has a far reach with felinite citizens existing everywhere in solestra their military might is somewhat limited. they have an impressive civilian navy of fisherman and are more extensive fishers and fish farmers than even the Ugway.

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The Hierarchy of Flame

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