Illusion: Invisibility, Light and darkness manipulation, making things look like something they are not, muffling sounds.

Enhanced perceptions: Seeing and Hearing things at great distances, or helping to defeat illusions.

Telekinesis: Manipulation of air and as such other things that air can affect.

Flight: Technically part of telekinesis but a specialty in using it only on yourself.

Part of Weather Control Magic: In concert with the power of a water master an air master can help calm or incite storms. Weather magic is not used lightly considering it is said to be meddling with the Moon Goddess and the God of the Sea.

People Attuned with air are rare come in 2 types, those of the sun and those of the moon. Those of the sun are more adept of illusion magic and are clever, crafty and often times deception and trickery. Those of the moon are more attuned with perception and are flighty, aloof and free spirited.

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