Felinite the race of Fire

Felinites are an ingenuous and industrious race, with a pension for getting into trouble. They have an intense devotion to the god of learning and so devote themselves utterly to their chosen craft, always trying to do it better.

They are the pioneers of the science of alchemy and hold most of the high seats in The Alchemists Society. Felinites are never satisfied with their work and are always looking for a way to make their work better or more efficient and try things a new way.

Marriage among Felinites is extremely rare and usually by non fire Felinites. It is seen as unnecessary in their society considering the promiscuity among felinites and th they no not raise children in a traditional family setting. Children are raised by groups knows as the sorters. Sorters main functions are to raise children and test them to see what fields the children show promise. When the age of sorting comes the adolescent felinites then go to live with and be apprenticed to a master to learn their trade.

Where in life they honer the God of Learning, in death they honer the God of Destruction. When a felinite dies he is taken to a kiln called a reclaimer and set to fire. After the body is burned the ashes are taken and put to use in the trade in which they worked. A mason is used to make a new building, a blacksmith is used to make a new forge, gardener is used to fertilize new plants and so on.

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Felinite the race of Fire

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